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I'm intact!

I went to get my jabs today but it turns out cos I'm spending such a short amount of time in the dodgy places that I don't need any! w00t! I just need to avoid the local water (ie icecubes) and shellfish. Which is all fine by me.

ION I spoke to Amazon customer services today on the phone. It's very wierd - they call you O_O. Apparently my parcel is apparently with the courier company still and they have a big backlog. So they're going to get it sent back to Amazon, who'll send it back to the courier company who'll stick it in Royal Mail post instead of shipping it themselves. Yeah, that is confusing, but as long as it arrives it's all good :)


I think I'm safe from salad given my usual dietary activities ;)

Although I hadn't really thought about cleaning teeth and stuff. I guess I'll work something out in the very short space of time I'm in either country.