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I'm amazed that I just got one response to my request for suggestions of books to read on my trip. I thought the vast majority of you would have some opinion one way or the other *boggles*


I don't read just fantasy...I do sci-fi too. And victorian lesbian erotica (blame inquis)

I dunnno what you like to read.

Books :)

I don't particularly want to read stuff I like, I want to read new stuff I've never heard of or thought to read before that is awesome and that I should read. If that makes any sense?


VALIS (Philip K Dick) is quite enjoyable, reading it at the moment and it's interesting.

The Last Generation (Fred Pearoe) an eye opener, none-fiction though.

At the moment I'm reading the bible again, whcih is actually quite dull. However ti is all I cna think of unfortunatly as I'm paying a lot fo attention so having issues thinking of different books, I'll get back to you. :)
Towards the end? Oh right, because so far it's all fine! ;)
silmarillion... someone has to get around to reading it...

More seriously... if you don't mind kids fantasy eragon and it's sequel eldest are quite good. as are the inkheart books.
Obviously, my suggestion was just so brilliant that everyone else was stunned into silence! :)
War and Peace since you get to the 10th page and you land. Also good for hitting bad people with.
A few excellent authors:

Stephen Baxter
David Brin
Madeleine L'Engle
Diana Wynne Jones
George R.R. Martin

It's hard to think of suggestions when the topic is so general though. I'm reading a brilliant 70's book right now called Lucifer's Hammer, which you're welcome to borrow once I'm done (probably a week or so). End of the civilization via a giant meteor.

Re: A few suggestions

I do have an ipac...I've never given it any thought for use as a mobile library before. I wonder whether it's got the right sort of software and enough memory and if not where to get either/both :)

I doubt you're interested, but I'm happy to lend you some star wars novels...
so sue me. I'm offline.

Except for now, of course, when I'm on.

but I won't be soon.

Read Diana Wynne Jones, definitely. Just not her "adult" stuff.

Is that last bit, moral judgement or is it really dire? I guess I'll never find out before I go, if you're on sporadically ;)