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I wonder how much else I've forgotten to sort out for this trip down under? I was reminded by a co-worker that I'd probably need jabs. I think I'm cutting it extremely fine. Assuming there is still time to take them before hand.

So, I've got tickets, hotels, flights, passport and visas all sorted? I'm planning on getting cash some time next week. So apart from the jabs is that it?

I think next time I'm definitely booking anything like this well in advanced so I can get a tour operator to do all the thinking for me :)


I didn't need jabs when I went. As far as I recall, Ausie immigration were only requiring them for people who'd recently stayed in countries with a recent history of Yellow Fever. It's worth checking the website though.

Oh, and don't lose your passport.

The jabs are for Singapore and possibly Hong Kong. Admittedly I might not need them cos I'm only going for a couple of days in each, but I guess it's best to be safe than dead.

I guess it's best to be safe than dead

I think you're forgetting your sense of adventure, there... :)

Given how risky it is for me to fly in the first place, I think I've got enough "adventure" without having to worry about all manner of disease and stuff ;)

I didn't get jabs! (But then I didn't occur to me to get jabs when I went to Fiji when I probably should have . . .)
flights from sydney to barrier reef? or are you sorting that out when you get here?

That is all booked and already paid for. I just need to print off vouchers and e-tickets and stuff like that.

you are fabulous!

when are the flights (and who with?)

Friday - depart 19:25, arrive 21:30. Sunday - depart 16:05, arrive 20:05. Both with Quantas.

I hope you're not going to suddenly say you can't leave work in time for that on Friday or I'll do the biggest pouty lip thing ever ;)

That time is not a problem. Which weekend is it? (damn changing phones and losing all my calendar info!!)

*points at Facebook* I added the event on there, specifically so you'd know what was going on ;)