maddy (themadone) wrote,

Not much to report. Had a trip to the vampires yesterday. Confusingly my blood has gone from getting thicker to being suddenly very thin. On the plus side maybe this means I'll be fit to fly? I'll have to try and remember to phone them up cos it is slightly too thin.

I got introduced to a new card game which was fun if highly frustrating. Annoyingly I can't remember it's's something like ECR or ERC or something. The aim is to collect all the cards and you do that either by slamming your hand on the pile first when certain criteria have been met or by making the person next to you put down extra cards without them also playing one of the cards (jack-ace) that makes the next person play more cards. Our teacher won every single game - we just sucked at spotting the right moments to slam the deck. I suspect it's a game that takes a lot of practice.

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