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The Southern Regional

Moderately been good so far. Sabbat was a bit of a let down - we were in the middle of combat and the ST told us to move to another room, except he didn't move with us and by the time we got back, someone else had finished the combat. Which is crap and meant we lost out on what little fun we were having.

Wraith was much better, although a little confusing. I ended up being kidnapped/pressganged by one of the wraith factions. Garou was dull, but I think that was mainly down to the vast numbers of players. We spent most of the game just sitting there whilst stuff we didn't understand happened around us. Then there was Mage - that was fun. We severally broke several STs all the way up to national level by trying to total several major national plots across the garou and mage venues. It didn't work in the end except to screw over an entirely unrelated mage game.

Vampire had a triffle miffed. Not anyone's fault as such, but cryx had been drafted in to play a particular NPC - the particular person who my previous character was majorly bloodbonded with and utterly loyal and devoted to. When they had last been seen, they were fleeing off together and since he will never leave her side, this meant I had to retire the character. Seeing her being played again without my old character was kinda annoying - especially in a neighbouring domain - as it could have meant I could have still played him.

Other than that, the game had it's usual clan meeting and a bit of wibbly spooky stuff, but was otherwise a bit dull. Not entirely sure how much of this was down to me being narked or not. Could have been cos I didn't particular have any IC reason for being at the event - but then so far I never have done. Must really find IC reasons for visiting other places.

'Ling tomorrow. Thankfully managed to find a lift for it. Hope it goes well.


so tell me more on wraith game... Le wats to know all....
how was it etc etc..

Right. Basically they split us into 4 groups. I was in the group of recently deceased folk. The others were 3 different legions, all of which were ideally suited to taking us on. They were then let loose to "recruit" us.

To spice things up they had a bad guy or two turn up and distract them, plus to keep us inside they had a er...maelstrom(sp?) outside.

So for a first-timer it was fun. We didn't have to know what was going on, cos we were all recently dead and we had people there to explain stuff to us.


Well, the STs didn't know what was going on.


First time I've either run or played Wraith so I hope it went well... And half the plot was made up on the spot as well...


Emergency Wraith ST


ok thats cool i will show him you live journal!!
thanking you
sorry about the ben thing, but basically, until 2 week ago as far as i was aware abigail was waay outta the picture. It was a recent plot device. On the other hand, you wouldn't have been able to take ben to runnymede, even if abigail was in the next domain. She left under a storm of controversy (and a bloodhunt) and so if ppl had realised that she was nearby (as ben would hardly leave her side so she must be close) they would have hunted her down and killed her.

Anyway, hopefully i'll not have to play her again.

It's not your fault. Any miffedness is aimed purely at the STs who came up with the daft idea of having her show up without thinking the whole thing through.

Of course, now that they know where she is - they'll hunt her down and kill her anyway. Either that or the Brujah will.


Possibly.. although the flack has died down somewhat.. but she is siding with drakkon... whatever.. am not bothered m'self :)

I doubt any miffedness I have will last - I was mostly just miffed at the time. I guess not having anything to do in the game, just meant I dwelt on it more - I was a lot perkier once I got into the clan politics.