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So what have I been up to that has meant I've not had a chance to update here recently? Well I went shopping with GameSoc on Saturday and bought far too many things. Then there was a Requiem game in the evening in which things started to get fun and interesting. Sunday I overslept and missed fight practice. Monday I went to GameSoc and played a new game called "Treason in the Tower".

TiTT is the only game I got to play at GameSoc as it took sodding ages to play it. In principle it's quite a fun and interesting game, plus educational as it teaches you a bit about the tower and the history of the monachy. Your aim is to break into the Tower of London and steal the Crown. Unfortunately it falls over when you actually try and play it.

Gameplay falls into 3 stages. The first one is the one that actually works. You head anticlockwise around the outside of the Tower of London, trying to collect a key so you can get inside. Keys can either be collected by landing on the appropriate spaces or by rolling a 6 and stealing one from someone else.

Once inside you then have to collect 3 items to break in to the tower. Two of which have to be collected from the set of 6 unique items dotted around the board. The remaining one collected from a vast number that you get by landing on a question space and answering a historical question correctly. In addition to these items, there are also weapons to collect to help defend (or steal) from other players. Once you have the 3 items (there are several combos that work) you can then head to the White Tower, go inside and land on the crown to steal it.

And this is where the game falls over. As well as item and question, spaces there are also duel and rumble spaces. Duel spaces let you attack any player in the game. You each roll a dice and add it to the total strength of your weapon cards. The winner then gets to take the best cards from both hands (subject to a 6 hand limit and maximum of 3 weapon cards) and leaves the loser with the left overs. What this means is, is that as the game progresses, people start amassing all the high point value weapons making it impossible to take them on.

But luckily (or not) these master of weapons can't just walk into the White Tower due to the rumble spaces. If someone lands on them, they can nominate another player to get sent into a "jail" area where they have to roll an even number to escape. This means the game just drags on and on as people try frantically to get to the crown before someone else rumbles them. We eventually gave up and just made an agreement not to rumble anyone again. Once someone has nabbed the crown, the rumble squares stop working anyway

The person who grabs the crown has to then escape with it. First they have to leave the tower through one of the 3 possible exits. Then once outside they have to land exactly on one of the 3 possible escape route spaces. And then land exactly on the last space in the escape route. In the mean time, all the other players have a chance to steal the crown by landing on the thief and fighting them for it. Where upon the problem of the few having all the good weapon cards rears it's ugly head again.

This part of the game also drags on and on, as it's incredibly difficult to land exactly on one of the 3 spaces needed when you're only allowed to go one way around the board. It's also tricky, but thankfully not impossible to land on the thief as you head around, although all too often the pack of players was zooming off ahead of the thief.

After we finished (I managed to catch up to the thief just as she'd finally managed to start heading down one of the escape routes and nab the crown off her - we decided to just let me win at that point) we discussed a few ways to improve it. The first being to make weapons one use only and to let you only use one per combat. The other was to make it so that once the crown bearer had gone around the tower 3 times, they didn't need to land exactly on the right space. Not so sure about that one TBH.

Amazingly, the game is 5 years old and I can't find anywhere on the 'net where someone has posted up some house rules that make the game work better. I guess GameSoc is going to be the first.