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Did it!

I took the plunge. I'm off to the land of Drop Bears and endless BBQs.

Must remember to take a cardboard box as I've not yet managed to secure a place to stay ;)


Crikey. Sounds like fun, but beware of those bears!
dude, it's Oz. Rent a house for £10.50 per week.


Seriously, there will be loads of places and frankly, HUG THE EXCHANGE RATE to your bosom.

You'll have a blast!

I haven't seen any houses for rent for that kind of price. Got any examples? I was just going to go with the hostel that cryx recommended that is like 2 minutes walk from her place.

um, confused by this thread. I thought you weren't allowed to fly, let alone half way round the world. You could stop by here if you think it would help.