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Blergh...brains? I seem to have gotten absolutely no sleep last night. I blame staying up far too late watching the much loved classic "Alien" on TV. I must have been a fair while since I last saw it, cos I was surprised to see Ian Holm's name in the cast list...who once I saw which character he was playing suddenly rushed back into my memory banks.

Other than that, what have I been up to? Well I went to a birthday party on Friday for a couple of students I know. Whilst the evening started off with random pyromania and other sillyness, it ended up with people watching YouTube which seems a little odd to be doing at a party...I'll try and resist acting my age and doing the "When I was a student" routine, I think.

Saturday was mostly wasted and then I went to a Requiem game, although I almost gave up. The train I was on took far too long to get to London. Then the District/Circle line was out of action, so I ended up walking along the Thames only to find the pub where the game was, wasn't. The game had at some point been moved to a completely different pub that was nowhere near the first. So I had to continue tromping onwards to a pub I hadn't quite managed to work out the name of from what the person at 1st pub had said.

After much more tromping I did wonder if I was going the wrong way and contemplated giving up and going home, but some how I managed to keep on going and found a pub with vaguely the right name with the right landmarks nearby. And inside I found cammies so it was all good. Venue wasn't entirely worth the trip though as we had a corner of the downstairs floor of the pub and it was far too noisy. But I managed to achieve my goal for the evening, so I guess ultimately it wasn't a total waste.

Sunday was the first Re-enactment session of the year. We had a pretty good turn out and even a trio of the most unlikely re-enactors ever! A trio of oriental lasses who looked like they'd snap if they tried picking up a sword. But two of them got right stuck in to it and I suspect will definitely be back next week.

Hopefully this'll mean we'll be OK and have enough members. I think it looked like we'd have enough at least.


Do you have any Oriental weaponry at HRE?

Not currently. There is a predominately European focus on the kit we use.

So I remember.
It might be an idea for the future, when the society is rolling in money...

I'm not sure why we'd want such things? We only ever intend on taking part in local battles and Ninjas and Samurai weren't rampaging about England during the Dark Ages ;)

Fair enough!
From memory you use quite a few bokken etc as practice weapons but the focus indeed is on Occidental sword fighting techniques.