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First couple of first meetings are over and done with. Both GameSoc and IFIS had pretty good turn outs and they've also got their membership lists of those that paid at FF. Both did pretty well apparently. The only one that didn't do so good was re-enacment *sigh*. Hopefully lots of people will show up for the first meeting on Sunday and will pay up then instead.

But I don't think we have too much to worry about. After the shambles of Freshers week and the new recruitment system, I'm sure they'll cut societies some slack this time.


Shambles of Freshers Week? I heard that the weather dampened things a lot, and that the new system caused a fair bit of confusion, but were things really that bad?

Well Freshers Week is usually pretty badly organised, but this year seemed particularly worse.

They made an utter mess of advertising the taster sessions - no-one was told what was happening when or where, so people were randomly showing up to see if a particular soc was doing anything.

Anime got hit hard by this as their session started before the advertised start time. Re-enactment were stationed in Nobles field which is nowhere near Jane Holloway (where everyone else was).

I don't know why they don't just have all the socs demoing all at the same time in one (very large) place, so that it doesn't matter what time the students show up. And hold it in the afternoon so they don't have to worry about students being lazy ;)

Payment system was very confusing. It took me 2 attempts to find it, cos they'd hidden where TW20s food/tills used to be and it was located before the SAM desk. So once I'd got my SAM (which they'd lost all record of me getting 3 years last year :( ) I headed outside only to find that the payment system wasn't next. I guess most people had to break the one way system to do it or something?

And I must have been the first Lifer to sign up to anything cos my Lifer card utterly confused them and they had to call over the VP for help *rolls eyes*