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It's the middle of the week (hurrah) and I've got only 2.5 days left until I've got a whole week off. Not entirely sure what I'm doing for most of the week, except that part of it will be Freshers Fayre and helping out one or two societies convince poor innocent students out of their £7. Yes, ex-RHULers, you read that correctly. The SU has raised the price to an astronomical £7 to join a society.

If IFIS could spend it all on books, that'd be like a brand new shiny book per member.

ION after many months of having a new chair which I liberated off someone, I now have the instruction manual for it. And yes, it really does need it - it's got more levers and widgets than a jetfighter. I'm mostly/probably sitting properly in it for the first time evah.

In yet more other news, I finished my first abortive attempts at a RP campaign last night. Don't feel entirely happy with the outcome, if only because the PCs decided to kill the last NPC rather than calming her down and finding out what the hell was going on. But, meh. It doesn't really matter too much as they didn't really notice a lot of what was going on anyway.

I'm sorely tempted to run a pre-made campaign now...the Fighting Fantasy one I've got. Not sure whether I'd stick to their system or port it to something else. Must make sure I can find my copy regardless.


Sometimes PCs just don't play the game the way you had in mind. Over the years I've learned to better judge the reactions of my players ahead of time to try and keep things going in the direction I want, but occasionally there's nothing you can do when the players take matters in a diffent and (in your view) less interesting direction. Of course, the trick then is to take whatever they've done and use that to start something. They kill someone instead of talking with them and finding out useful information? Make sure there's fallout for those sort of rash choices. Of course, that's difficult at the end of a campaign. Ah well, you can't win them all...

Out of interest, what is the Fighting Fantasy campaign you're referring to?

Yeah, I guess if the game had gone on longer and with a bit more experience under my belt, I would have worked out how to work it better. Something to think about next time :)

The Fighting Fantasy one I'm thinking of is the Riddling Reaver one.

Ah, I never did get hold of that one - read it though, many years ago. I vaguely recall it - I think I contemplated running it with Dungeoneer way back when...

It's got a good underlining plot, although the riddles in it are aimed at kids, so I suspect replacing them might be needed for an adult audience. Annoyingly I can't find my copy. I know I brought it back from my parents cos I brought all the FF books back.