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Last night didn't go particularly well. We got kicked out of the place we were running the game before I'd even got the character sheets out. I'm surprised it hadn't happened earlier as we were only allowed into the building previously cos one of the players was working in it. But he'd left the country a couple of weeks ago, so we weren't really meant to have continued playing there.

Luckily we only kicked out and the guy who'd told us to leave didn't involve security or the cops.

So we wandered down the hill and had dinner at one of the many pubs in the area. Then headed back to someone's flat and started the game. Must admit, I'm not entirely sure where to go next to bring about a suitable climax to the current plot in a couple of weeks time. I'm sure I'll think of something though.

I'm not sure who is to blame, but I tried buying a digital camera in time for the weekend and Amazon keep saying there is a problem with the card. Is this because I paid off the bill early? No idea. It was meant to arrive this lunch it appears cos of the faffing around and having to try a different card, that it won't arrive until tomorrow lunch time. One more day of delays and I doubt I'll get it in time at all. Ideally it'd be preferable if the Tescos Value camera would magically be un-tidied away and make a re-appearance. But I suspect it's long since lost to the tidy-fairies now.

Actually ideally I'd like to have a way of recording what I see. Some kind of cyborg implant. Cos this morning as I walked towards work, I saw a big billow of smoke and a steam train hurtle across the level crossing. From where I was I couldn't identify which one it was. I've seen the Orient Express go past some times or there is some random one that some times goes past too.

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