maddy (themadone) wrote,

Experimented some more with getting the PS3 to talk sensible to the TV when showing Blu-ray movies and failed. So I've ordered a replacement cable that should do the job instead. In lieu of watching shiny movies, I instead decided to explore what things they had on offer for downloading.

I nabbed a few demos of things; The Darkness is some kind of gangster horror with Obten and Folklore is some kind of game involving beating up faires I think. The latter gave me my chance to try out the 6-axis controller making me have to "reel in" dead enemies for their powers by pointing the controller upwards.

Then I really took the plunge and bought something - flOw was only a couple of quid. It looks so much better than the webbased version, although annoyingly they've removed the arrows that tell you where the exits are. But then I think that isn't an issue as you don't appear to move away from them that much. The really big difference is that it fully uses the 6-axis controller - to move, I have to lean the controller in the direction I want to move in. It feels really wierd, but I think it's something I could get used to.

Tags: geekery
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