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I think Amazon might have misclassified this one...

(quoted from email)

We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated "V for Vendetta [2006]" have also purchased "12 Hardcore Sex Films Box Set (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk)" on DVD. For this reason, you might like to know that "12 Hardcore Sex Films Box Set (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk)" will be released on 27 August 2007. You can pre-order yours for just \24311.97 (60% off the RRP) by following the link below.

I know that V had some quite adult themes in it, but I don't think it should be lumped in with the hardcore pr0n.



Would that work? That would help me in my choice of where to get a PS3 from.

they tend ot throw vouchers at you if you complain, might not be much :)