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Sometimes being single is a good thing

Went and saw Transformers last night. I thought the last showing would be quieter, it being midweek and people not wanting to stay out too late on a work night. How wrong I was. There was a queue stretching a good distance out of the doors. Being a clever bunny though, I skipped happily past the queue and went straight to one of the pay-by-card machines and got my ticket. I guess the people who queueing were only doing so to get their Orange Wednesday discount.

The film was pretty damn fine. There were a few glaring plot holes or whatever and the love interest wasn't visually appealing, but not being the kind of rabid perfectionist that has to have their films completely perfect I didn't see any of that being a problem and enjoyed myself instead. The robots were very shiny too.

Next film to look forward to is Bourne 3.