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So another pubday rolls around. w00t! Although next week is the pubday to look forward to as our Canadian immigrants will be sticking their heads in whilst they're briefly back in the UK.

Spent most of last night beating my head against a brick wall trying to work out how to write formulas in a spreadsheet to create a sort of best fit curve. My attempts earlier in the week had produced something that if I even thought about entering in new data, it would go nuts and wig out on me. After much frustration, I think I managed to get something that works - no more circular references.

ION Topps has re-introduced the Algio! It's just as yummy as I remember. Confusingly the little green chillies they use aren't as hot as the Jalepenoes? (I forgot to swap 'em) Their garlic bread has large lumps of garlic on it too! It's a shame their meat lovers is too greasy, otherwise I think they'd be better than The Tomato.


Do you mean Tops Pizza? I'm sure it only has one p?

Hmmm...I could have sworn it had two P's...regardless - we (who'd care at all about local pizza issues) all know where I'm talking about :)

Sure thing. They're around for the whole of next week if you want to see them individually. Not sure what exactly their plans are, except that noseynick is in the office all week.

Hotness depends on the type of chilli, not necessarily the size. You can get finger chillies that are quite mild.

Well that's confusing. I was always lead to believe it was just the size. Oh well *shrugs*

I know, that's why I rely on the "spicyness" symbols in supermarkets rather than buying my chillies open at the market where you need to know them (OK, you could ask but that's always embarrassing).

Ah...maybe that was why they didn't taste hot - the menu just had "new" next to the name and no hotness symbols *grins*