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I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man according to this BBC article

The example joke just isn't funny at all. I understand the misunderstanding with the word "call", but the joke just falls flat on the punchline.


I concur.
Although I would remind you that you _are_ an old man, compared to some of us young wippersnappers :P
Not that I expect it to be in the dictionary, but I probably should have inserted an 'H' in there...
And since I'm on the subject... Have another comment, just for good measure and no real purpose.

Ha ha ha!
i would like to point at that whether or not you find it funnyisn't the point. it's whether or not you would be able to identify the punchline out of a group of possible punchlines. which were not shown.

True...I guess without seeing what the other options are, I can't really determine if I'd have passed that one or not.