maddy (themadone) wrote,

That was a pretty mighty weekend on the whole. Friday was awesome. I saw F4:RotSS and decided on a whim to also go and see Die Hard 4.0. Die Hard 4.0 was awesome! I am so going to have to go see it again (and again...)

On Saturday I bimbled off to go look at new TVs. There being a distinct lack of stores that sell TVs these days did hamper my attempts, but I think I've decided that 46" should be enough for me. I was very impressed with the Sony W model and X model - other makes of LCD TV seemed to be pretty poor in comparison. Now I just need to decide whether to go for the W or the X models. The W comes with a free LCD TV (*boggles*) and the X comes with a free DVD recorder but is 50% extra in price.

In the evening I bimbled in to London for a vamp game. As usual the main room wasn't busy - everyone was stood outside smoking. Still, the bits when people did make an effort to use willpower to suspend their addiction were quite fun. I even won a hand of poker, although my luck didn't last long and I lost all my chips.

Sunday was spent vegging in front of the TV. Finally finished watching GIT:SAC 2. I was going to watch just the one disk, but they left it at such a cliffhanger I had to watch the last one too.

Tags: update
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