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I've just had the most insane idea ever...

Now that I think I've got the knack of Facebook apps, I just wondered whether or not I should do a "Facebook lovemap of doom" in the same way I did the other one. Except I might have to restrict it to only show the map that you feature in ... or a random one if you're not in one?

The possiblities for apps is endless...


Thing is, I'm fairly certain that I put in my LJ name, as I seem to recall choosing from a list of my LJ friends. I also seem to recall OpenID being used on it.... Am I remembering the wrong thing entirely, perchance?

Ouch, that could be painful! But it does help with anonyminity...

You're thinking of the tribal thingy I suspect.

I could never use OpenID with the love map - it splurges far too much public information in the URLs during authentication.

Ooops. I've been thinking of the Tribal Map all along >_<
Sorry for all the trouble!

*grins* No worries - just pimp the Facebook love map instead then ;)

Will do :)