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I've just had the most insane idea ever...

Now that I think I've got the knack of Facebook apps, I just wondered whether or not I should do a "Facebook lovemap of doom" in the same way I did the other one. Except I might have to restrict it to only show the map that you feature in ... or a random one if you're not in one?

The possiblities for apps is endless...


There's a brian? It didn't accept email addresses, but it does now. I realised there is no harm in storing personal information as it can't be associated to the actual love map data. It can reset your password if you set an email address, but you lose all your data.

That would be me, I guess... I'll go try some passwords and see if I get anywhere :)
Well, either it's a password that I've forgotten, or that brian isn't me. Oh well...

Well LJ names are a lot easier to recognise...still can't help with remembering passwords tho.

The Facebook instance doesn't even check if the password is wrong - if it's different, it'll just start you from scratch.

Thing is, I'm fairly certain that I put in my LJ name, as I seem to recall choosing from a list of my LJ friends. I also seem to recall OpenID being used on it.... Am I remembering the wrong thing entirely, perchance?

Ouch, that could be painful! But it does help with anonyminity...

You're thinking of the tribal thingy I suspect.

I could never use OpenID with the love map - it splurges far too much public information in the URLs during authentication.

Ooops. I've been thinking of the Tribal Map all along >_<
Sorry for all the trouble!

*grins* No worries - just pimp the Facebook love map instead then ;)

Will do :)