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I've just had the most insane idea ever...

Now that I think I've got the knack of Facebook apps, I just wondered whether or not I should do a "Facebook lovemap of doom" in the same way I did the other one. Except I might have to restrict it to only show the map that you feature in ... or a random one if you're not in one?

The possiblities for apps is endless...


What are you on about? There's nothing even remotely similar to that on Facebook.

I've just had the most insane idea ever...

The guy who invented the copper-plated turnip-powered hover fridge rests peacefully in his grave at last.

Re: I've just had the most insane idea ever...

I'm glad to be of service?

DO IT! It sounds like it could be fun :D
You clearly win over 9000 Internets!
Ok, I've added it. Is it similar to the IFIS Lovemap of Doom, where names aren't shown, or something like that? Just want to be sure of who can tell what I've put down on there! :)

***Later, when Maddy gets home***
mysql>use facebook_lovemap;
mysql>select name, relationship, other_person from lovemap_links;


It's exactly the same but with a completely new database. I figured it'd get too painful if I tried getting it to associate people with facebook accounts.

And I'm using sqlite rather than mysql - it's only a tiny database.

Yes, I seem to recall you mentioning sqlite before... I was just trying to be funny, though!

Actually there are 2 differences from the original. It will only show the lovemap once it's got 3 people on it and it'll only show the lovemap that you're connected to. I figure that way, when it shows something it'll be a challenge to work out who is who and it won't draw this ENORMOUS lovemap for the whole of facebook.

Well, I've posted it on my profile, so hopefully some of my friends will add it too! Only showing the graph that you're a part of sounds sensible! I can't wait to see it working :)

Two things, though:
1) When adding a link, it would be a lot easier if the drop-down list was sorted by name.
2) I can't remember my password or username for the original love map >_< Is there any way to retrieve them? :)

It'll only really work if people return to it frequently. Cos then it'll be able to add more links.

1) I'm listing them in order of Facebook ID, cos that's easiest. I could do a look up of names...then it'd sort the links too. I did knock this together in a couple of hours last night, so it's nothing special. Mostly I re-used the code from the original.

2) Nope. Well I can get the username out, but not the password. If I have the password, then I can decrypt your data you see, and that invalidates the whole point of it being anonymous :)

Actually I'm not sure what username you might have used. I can't see your LJ name on there.

Let's hope they do, then!

1) Fair enough. Sorted by name would just make it easier to find people when adding them, as it's rather awkward to look through a large list of names with no obvious ordering ;)

2) My username will either be cosmicflame, Brian, or nicebjax@hotmail.com (if it accepts e-mail addresses). I'm fairly certain of what my password is. I'm glad to hear that it really is anonymous, but surprised as well! You're clearly more honest than most people ;)

There's a brian? It didn't accept email addresses, but it does now. I realised there is no harm in storing personal information as it can't be associated to the actual love map data. It can reset your password if you set an email address, but you lose all your data.

That would be me, I guess... I'll go try some passwords and see if I get anywhere :)
Well, either it's a password that I've forgotten, or that brian isn't me. Oh well...

Well LJ names are a lot easier to recognise...still can't help with remembering passwords tho.

The Facebook instance doesn't even check if the password is wrong - if it's different, it'll just start you from scratch.

Thing is, I'm fairly certain that I put in my LJ name, as I seem to recall choosing from a list of my LJ friends. I also seem to recall OpenID being used on it.... Am I remembering the wrong thing entirely, perchance?

Ouch, that could be painful! But it does help with anonyminity...

You're thinking of the tribal thingy I suspect.

I could never use OpenID with the love map - it splurges far too much public information in the URLs during authentication.

Ooops. I've been thinking of the Tribal Map all along >_<
Sorry for all the trouble!

*grins* No worries - just pimp the Facebook love map instead then ;)

Will do :)
I still don't trust all the Apps, because Facebook is getting less and less restricted. I daresay I'll eventually get used to them, though.

As far as I know, Facebook hides all the data as specified by your privacy settings still. So the apps only get the information you give them etc...

That's not what I'm worried about. I'm mistrusting because it's turning Facebook into something else. I liked how little you were able to do on it, but now it has its own versions of MySpace pages, Neopets, and so on.

I'm just being a fuddy-duddy.

It's understandable that they're trying to be the most rich social networking site out there...rich in terms features that is...it means that more people will want to join it and take part.

And of course any App I write is clearly trustworthy :D