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In some ways I had a bit of a disappointing weekend as I didn't leave the house at all. I'd wanted to go and see F4: ROTSS. Or go and drool over shiny flatscreen TVs. Instead I stayed at home and played Tomb Raider: Aniversary.

It's an amazing upgrade. It feels (plays?) like something old and familiar and yet looks totally new and shiny. The controls are smooth and fluid and it's far easier to leap and jump about the place as if it's second nature rather than having to precisely aim and time every movement.

The combat system has been changed by the addition of headshots. Creatures charge you sometimes and things go into slo-mo and if you dodgy correctly and time it just right, you can insta-kill them in the head. Very handy against those damn pesky bears and dinos.

I can't wait to see what they pull out of the hat for the PS3.