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Damn. I missed the first episode of the new series of Rome. I hope they repeat it at some point.

Not convinced that last night's Doctor Who was any good. The solution to last week's cliff hanging was awful. Hardly worth bothering with given the 20seconds of screen time it got. The Master is too silly. I guess we'll see how things go in the 3rd and final part next week.


I thought tonight's Rome was the second episode, that the first was on last Wednesday - Steve was certainly watching something last Wednesday that sounded like Rome...maybe it was a reminder of the end of the series or something?

And yeah, I sort of agree over Doctor Who. I was hoping they'd find the Master's TARDIS, since he needs a way to escape when his plan inevitably goes tits up...

Yup. That's what I meant about Rome - I spotted last night's episode in time only to discover it was episode 2 *sigh*. But I'm still going to record the series on the off chance they repeat the first episode at some point :)

I think it'd be really lame if magically The Master's TARDIS shows up. There's no logical reason why it'd be in that time or place. If anything, it's more likely at the end of the universe. I guess we can't expect every episode to be great - we've probably already had our quota of good episodes this season.

Oh yes, it shouldn't magically turn up now - I'd just been hoping they'd find it at the end of the universe and use that to escape back to the right time, rather than Jack's magic bracelet.

Yeah, that'd have made the story interesting. Why bother having a cliff hanger if within the first minute of the next episode, they're just going to wave a magic wand and it suddenly gets fixed? I remember they did that with the first cybermen 2 parter too.

I prefer the original master since he was pure evil and not the silly one we have.