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Well we didn't get to raze Reading to the ground in tonight's Dark Ages game, but we did get to kick plenty of butt. Or at least my little band of blood sucking fiends did. And no serious injuries to speak of either. Victory!

Other than that, I'm caught up on Dr. Who apart from tonight's episode. Blink was pretty mightily scary...up until the point towards the end where the big bad is left poised to attack. The teeth/fang look just looked silly and it kinda deflated their fear factor for me. I found them much more chilling when they looked like statues.

Also I started seeing just how much water I drink in a day. I took a full 2litre bottle of water and weighed it. And then tonight I weighed it again and lo there was a 2kg difference in weight. I guess the clue might have been that I'd finished the bottle though. But if I hadn't I'll still have a good idea of how much I've drunk.