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I've just created my first Facebook app.

It's very much a work in progress, as I've no idea what I want it to do exactly, but I figure that my (soon to be) many users will no doubt let me know :)

ION Mr Happy is back



Not Facebook-related, but if you wanted to be super-cunning you could try a Firefox extension that lets you magically add things to your wishlist with a few clicks from outside the site itself. Like, you find yourself on a page that shows some object of desire, and you hit the I Want This! button, and it adds it to your TIL page. :)

*looks all hurt and stuff* Er...dude - I've had such a gizmo available for years now :P

...I do apologise, it would appear that I suck. XP
When you say "available", whereabouts might I find it? Can't seem to see any mention of it on the site. :B

It's all over the place, I'm sure. Like on the FAQ - question 2.3. You add that bookmark and then when you select it, it populates the add page with the URL and stuff from the page you're on.

It's mentioned on the news page too. Which dates when I first added it to August 2002!

I notice thought, that the news page has more information about what to do than the FAQ which is wrong and clearly needs to be fixed. *fixes*

Well majic13 did just ask how to add a gizmo to his browser that lets him add items whilst he's surfing the web. He's not the only person to have asked that either. So that FAQ question is appropriate. I just appeared to have left out most of the useful information in the answer.

Um...I'm not sure what I'm about to volunteer for, but I'm game for it? :)

Ah, right. Yes, that sounds useful I think.

Ahright. Perhaps putting it somewhere more prominent might help, as Things Which Make Stuff Easier should themselves be pretty easy to get to, really. :)

Well I'm sorry, I thought putting it on a "help" page would have been a logical place ;)

I guess putting it on the "add" page might be a good idea too.