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So, another weekend has gone by. Unlike most weekends, this one officially started on Friday. I'd taken the day off on the chance that I might go bravely forth with the IFIS Librarian to buy more books for the library. Unfortunately she couldn't make it, so that just left me. Until uveron said he might tag along and help. Except he didn't cos he thought when I said "Meet you at the station at 2pm" that meant that when he arrived at 2 and saw a train pulling out of the station, that I meant I was catching that train. Oh well. Never mind, eh?

So I ventured forth on my own and managed to re-find The Fantasy Centre without too much of a problem. The guy there was incredibly helpful, although we soon realised that it was probably going to be easier if I just flittered about adding books to an ever growing pile until I thought I'd had enough. At which point he totalled it all up and decided to round down to a sensible number which roughly equated to a 10% discount. After I'd paid, we got chatting and when he discovered why I was buying books he told me about the 20% discount for student socities. Bummer. Never mind - we'll know for next time.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching TV - catching up on the past 2 months of stuff I've recorded. Mostly that involved focussing on Doctor Who cos I don't want to get burnt by anyone posting spoilers. Plus there was the LARP game I mentioned previously too.

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