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I can see why CCGs are so bad. I just happened to be looking for prices for more Pirate cards (I want to get some of the Frozen North ones that will (might) have Vikings in) and Leisure games are selling entire boxes for £75 o_O

That's 36 booster packs which would contain 72 ships. I don't think I need that many.



sollunastella's housemate might be interested in one or two ships, since he's running a DnD pirates game.

I don't think I need 70 ships either ;)

£2.10 a booster or £73 a box, not up on the site yet but working on it.

It's gone down in price? It said £2.49 for the ones you do have (I already checked ;)

If such a thing exists, I'd be most interested in a Frozen North value pack, but only if it had a really nice looking Viking ship in it. But I guess you don't know what the limited edition ships are until you've made the order?

I dont knwo whats in the boxes they are sealed at the factory.. I didnt think I had put them up yet.. man im so behind.. thats what you get for singlehandedly running a shop and working part time
Ignore me.. lol I just foudn that i put them in minitures not CCG... as they are technically.. yeah the prices are changing for a bit usually that price.. I have to check the frozen norths but if you want some i can get you some specially

*grins* I'd noticed that, but then I wasn't entirely sure what category they'd really come under.

Hold off on ordering any Frozen North specially for me just yet. I got two big boxed sets at the weekend with a total of 17 ships inside, so I really shouldn't be buying more just yet. I want to see how big of an interest there is locally, cos from what little I understand of CCGs (this is my first), I'll probably be wanting to swap duplicates and stuff and stuff like that?

Yeah you should find yourself a forum and see if anyone wants to do any trades.