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Yesterday was just the good old days of IFIS shopping trips. A bunch of GameSoc folk traipsed up to London for a brief shopping tour. Obviously I spent a lot of money. I got a couple of upgrades for the Bean game, the dark edition of Once Upon a Time and some new stuff too; Hive is a simple chess-like strategy game and Thing-a-ma-bots defies definition.

I also got some "Pirates" too, which is like a CCG wargame set on the high seas. You get little tiny 3d model ships. I've got several zombie pirate ships! Yarr!!

EDIT: OK, forgot to upload the pictures. They're now there.


FYI SL has a new viewer called Windlight. Its a better viewer but I was thinking you could try that see if it solves your login problems.
Your pictures aren't displaying, for some reason...

Doh! Me so dumb! I forgot to upload them. I'll try and do that shortly.

Oh, well done ^^. Anyway, I look forward to seeing them when you get around to uploading them ;)

There...all fixed :)

Oooh, niice... I rather like that giant crab ^^.

Yeah, I was dead pleased to get a crab as it's completely random :D