maddy (themadone) wrote,

I rediscovered the joys of GTA 3: San Andreas yesterday. And discovered all kinds of fun new stuff to do. I've not progressed the plot much yet, so it currently won't let me out of the starting city...except now that I can swim, I can jump off a cliff and swim around the road blocks. At which point the police jump on me from a great height. Which ain't too bad if I've got any kind of firearm as it's quite easy to trick them out of a nice police car. I just have to avoid driving in to rivers/ponds etc.

I also randomly found a car at the back of some building (doubt I'll ever find it again :) that is a pimp mobile! And it comes with a pimping mini-game. It's not particular taxing either - I just go pick one of ma ho's up and then drop her off with client. And then pick her up afterwards and repeat the process. I think next time I get a chance, I'm going to do this a lot, earn loads of cash and then buy myself a big pimp hat and cane :)

ION I randomly decided to see if anyone had looked at the love map recently. I was kinda surprised to see that it's had quite a large (relative to the none I'd expected) amount of traffic over the past few months. I can't see anyone new on it, but it's decidedly to re-arrange a few folk around.

EDIT: Clearly I should mention the love map more often cos a bunch of new links have suddenly appeared after I posted this...

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