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Well my "new" glasses are back from repair again. There was a different person working in the store this time though. He mentioned that the bridge was slightly bent. I wonder if that's related to why the stupid things keep breaking. I've placed an order for a spare pair. Although I suspect that they'll become the primary pair and I'll only wear the fragile one for special occassions.

I dreamt for the first time in ages last night. It all fragmented when I woke up though. I remember one part where I went up to the SU, except it looked nothing like it. Unfortunately I couldn't remember why I'd gone there and they were really annoyed with me cos one of their clique had been in an accident and died. I also noticed that behind the front desk, there were shelves of board games.

Then some time later in the dream, I returned because we (I'd hooked up with some of you guys) had discovered some kind of occult document and for some reason we thought the SU could help us translate it. Scarily they could!

There was also a really odd part where I/we was watching something on telly. I can't remmeber of it was a film or TV show or what, but I don't think it's something I'd have watched normally. There was a scene with someone in a bath who decided to end it all with something sharp. I covered my eyes for that bit.

The wierdest part of the dream (or maybe it was a different one) was the bits with my dad in it. I don't know why, but I was in his car (alone) and suddenly it started rolling down the hill. Made it around the roundabout and then somehow managed to get it to stop. Obviously being a bit of a traffic hazard in the middle of the road, I moved it so that it was only blocking one lane on to the roundabout. Then I went and got my dad. By the time we got back, some guys had got into the car and were driving off with it.

So we got in my car and I couldn't get it to start. Had to get it rolling first (like in Children of Men) before it'd fire up. And then I drove us to The Beehive. At some point I went outside to get something from the car to find it'd been stolen too. Annoyed with this I went down an alley. I got accosted by two random guys, but I managed to scare them away. Then I sat down and started drawing a chalk circle of um...well I don't know what it was for. I only got as far as drawing two circles one inside of the other - I kept getting annoyed with my poor attempts at drawing circles and starting from the beginning again. I do know that whatever I was going to do, involved some kind of ass whuping on whoever had stolen the cars.

I wonder what the strong occult elements in both(?) dreams was all about. *ponders*

I also had a trip to the Vampires today. They'd moved them up to one of the wards. Results in the post sometime soon.