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Place bets now!

Dapper young gentleman, themadone, needs new glasses. Which of the two designs he has chosen will should he get?

Should he choose option A - the subtle half-rim design.

Or should he choose option B - glasses with all of their rim.

Place bets opinions NOW!


B. With all of the rim the glasses are less likely to break.

In addition A is underlit.

Underlit? The two pictures shouldn't be that different in terms of quality - they were taken within moments of each other.

The sun must have come out for the second shot.
The frames are thin already so no need to go rimless. B.
A. I have half rims and adore them.
Actually. Option C. Those playboy ones in the background. Go on. Get a pair with a metal bunny on the glass :P

*rolls eyes* It took ages just narrowing it down to 2 options. I ain't adding any more to the mix. Not that I remember the playboy glasses having bunnies on them. I'd rather have nekkid ladies on the inside of the lenses though :)

A but B is an acceptable choice :)