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Further to my previous entry, assuming a constant rate of money coming in and no change to my payments or interest being paid, I could finish the mortgage in about 4 years - 16 years ahead of schedule. This understandably pleases me a lot. I like offset mortgages.


That's quite scary. You'll just have to get a bigger house! :) :)

Yes, that is a distinct possibility. Or I could get a second place and rent it out to students/cool people. I guess the possibilities are endless. I'll have to wait until then and see what my situation is. I could be married with kids on the way or something o_O

Hehehe! The possibilities are indeed muchly endless! The doom! :)

Yes. Much doom. Being an adult is very scary sometimes :(

Wahoo! go you! If i ever enter the scary world of home buying, I too like the idea of offset mortgages.