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We ballsed that one up. Admittedly not as badly as the last time. This time at least, the world is still intact for the time being and most of us live. My character didn't make it though. He died. Twice in fact. And went totally insane inbetween. Although that wasn't because he was resurrected by one of the other party, he survived that psychological trauma without incident. It was seeing one of the more hideous forms of N.... that pushed him over the edge. And then the same party member that brought him back to life, reversed the process and turned him into a pile of ash/salt *sigh*

Thankfully we, or rather they, still have a chance to put things right as there is a second part to this one that we can do on the next bank holiday weekend. We might just manage to get a win out of this after all.

Tags: rpg
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