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Hmmm...it looks like I'm getting a home delivery for the nasty jabs over the next couple of days. But that does mean I have to be home at around 7.30. Which the more clever of you will realise that normally I'd be in the pub at that time on a Thursday. Bummer. Hopefully it won't take too long and the nurse will be on time.

ION I finally got fed up with phone posts breaking my friends page and fixed the S2 style. I wonder if it was the cause of other screwyness with media links.



Yup, still up for it. I hope the final injection on Saturday won't be an issue, but it shouldn't be if they're only going to visit ~7.30? A lift would be good too, thanks.

Just before 11 is good. I'll probably hit Tescos the night before and stock up. That way I can get stuff for Sunday too.

On the other hand, your style is overlapped by the navigation bar...

Navigation bar? Oh yeah...that icky thing. I turned it off. Hmmm...I wonder if I can turn it off in the style as well.

Looks like I can't turn it off. Annoying. But I've found a way to detect it and work around it *sighs* Yucky nasty icky thing.

there is a way to turn it off in the style.. using the css settings. I'll dig it out if you want

Cool - that'll be great, thanks.

Kk, I'll find it during my lunch break..
I just remembered I should have found this for you, I must have got distracted..

This is what you need.

Cool. Thank you.