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Well I'm in Manchester and it's a funny sort of place. Despite being up north and away from civilisation, it has all manner of shops selling lots of lovely shinies. So I've indulged in my favourite vice - shopping.

They also have a cinema, although it's not as good as Vue. You have to queue to buy tickets! Very barbaric. But at least I'll get to see "300" :)


I watched the origional, and see there is life north of watford :P

You've watched the original? Did you not also open it up and read it too? Seems a bit of a waste to just watch a comic book otherwise ;)

there is life north of watford

Yes, but not much. You get half way up the M1 and there's just mist and a big sign saying 'Here be dragons' :-)

Awwww...don't be so harsh on yourself *grins*

You are in Hull, your too close to the centre of the world. Try Inverness that is near the end of it.