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Well I'm in Manchester and it's a funny sort of place. Despite being up north and away from civilisation, it has all manner of shops selling lots of lovely shinies. So I've indulged in my favourite vice - shopping.

They also have a cinema, although it's not as good as Vue. You have to queue to buy tickets! Very barbaric. But at least I'll get to see "300" :)


I watched the origional, and see there is life north of watford :P

You've watched the original? Did you not also open it up and read it too? Seems a bit of a waste to just watch a comic book otherwise ;)

there is life north of watford

Yes, but not much. You get half way up the M1 and there's just mist and a big sign saying 'Here be dragons' :-)

Awwww...don't be so harsh on yourself *grins*

You are in Hull, your too close to the centre of the world. Try Inverness that is near the end of it.
You think Manchester is far from civilisation? You should come to Hull mate! As a friend of mine remarked when I moved up here, "Hull's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there"!!

There are no shades of grey...it's all part of the barbarous north ;)