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It's scary, but the tribe map thing is actually working. There's the large clump of "us" in the middle and around the edges are clumps of other groups. All the cammies are on one side for example. On the other are the students.

There's a couple of anomalies - people who aren't part of any "tribe" yet, but who've filled it in. I'm guessing they must have read about via someones' friends-friends page or something. Although if people want to pimp this out to their friends, that'd be very good/handy too :)

ION I'm surprised at how unachey my back is. Maybe I've translocated the acheyness to eggwhite. I thought I should be achey cos for the past 2 days, I've had my rucksack stuffed to the brim of stuff. Monday was DVDs and card games when Amazon unexpectedly sent my latest spending spree early on a GameSoc night. Yesterday, it's cos I'd decided to pluck up the courage to explore the local church's secondhand book fayre that they have every month.

I don't know why, but I have a slight phobia of churches. I guess phobia is the right word, cos the feeling is definitely irrational - maybe fear is too strong though? Unease maybe? I put this down to the fact that not only do I not believe in God, but I'm also a filthy dirty pagan who if God did exist, I would no doubt be smited for worshiping so called false idols. So going in to a church, I'm always half expecting to suddenly find myself replaced by a whiff of smoke slowly drifting up out of my shoes. I did say it was irrational ;)

Obviously in this particular instance my unease/fear was unfounded. I got in and out unscathed...except for a small hole in my wallet. I don't know how long it took, but I bimbled around the paperbacks picking up interesting sci-fi/fantasy books. Part way around the guy running the show (no not God - the book guy ;) came over and asked me if I wanted to settle up - probably cos I was in severe danger of killing someone or me with the large armload of books I was carrying. He ended up putting them to the side for me whilst I finished looking around.

And I donated my vast bounty to IFIS cos they don't have enough books yet. Which meant I ended up having to carry them up the hill to hand them over to the very grateful and enthusastic librarian.

I'll soon make sure my back is achey though - GameSoc are (hopefully) going laserquest again tonight.


Yes, I know. I got the URL wrong to the tribe map thingy.

I feel I am going to get lighning-bolted in churches sometimes (especially if I go in with heretical thoughts), but I like them so I go in them anyway :)

And I haven't been lightning-bolted yet, so I can only assume it's ok. God probably thinks it's funny that we get scared :)
I think I may skew things a little, as my tribe is a little all over the place (quite literally!).

I'm nestling under someone!

There does seem to be quite a lot of nestling going on. I'm not sure if I can "fix" it so that it doesn't happen :)

I doubt you'll skew things though. For a start, your aussie friends (for example) would have to log in and fill in their tribal data first. Until then, you'll just be amongst the main group, but nearer the alternate tribes that you have some connections with. Like you're closer to the Cammies than the students.