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Orange are useless

Bah. I finally managed to get around to calling up Orange to upgrade my phone/call package/whatever. After several confusing minutes trying to get through to somewhere that would let me do this, I ended up on a queue waiting to speak to someone. The music wasn't half bad, except that they kept interrupting it every few minutes with a serious of annoy and stupid pre-recorded messages. Yes I'm well aware that you're busy. I can tell this because I'm on hold and not speaking to one of your employees. You don't have to remind me of this every minute - I'd rather listen to the nice music. Thanks.

Anyway, I eventually get through to someone. Who, whilst friendly and helpful was absolutely no help to me. Apparently they've run out of most models of phones and they couldn't let me pre-order one. The only solution I have is to go to my nearest Orange shop and do it all there instead or call back next week. Great. That'll be waiting until the weekend to sort it out assuming they have any phones in stock. Bah. I guess on the plus side, I get to actually look at the phones first. The Nokia 5500 looks ugly as sin for example and apparently is a "sports" model, but it might be OK in the flesh (or silicon).

I can't imagine today is a particularly important day for people to all suddenly want to order new phones, so I'm surprised that their phone line was busy and they'd run out of stock. You'd have thought they'd be able to plan their resources and make sure they've got plenty of call staff and phones.


I feel for you :( Orange customer service is rubbish. For the 95% of the time I don't need to speak to them, I'm really happy with Orange. But if ever anything goes wrong, trying to get through to them is hell and they appear to run their call centres on a mixture of training their staff to be the 'Computer says no' girl from Little Britain and awarding team points for every customer who hangs up out of sheer frustration.