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Just a quick FYI

My mobile is playing silly buggers. I keep finding it without any signal. Which also means that the battery is lucky if it lasts the whole day without going flat as it's spending far too much power trying to find a base station and failing. So don't be surprised if you try and phone me and don't get an answer :(

If I were paranoid, I'd suspect that Orange were trying to convince me to upgrade or switch call package. Actually scratch that, I suspect they just want me to switch call package. If they wanted me to upgrade, they'd not be offering me the one shitty non-Nokia phone. Backed up by the fact that if I change call package to one that is about a bit cheaper, with slightly less minutes and some free texts, I get several Nokia to choose from.

I think I'll prod them on Monday to see how far they're willing to bend over backwards to keep my custom. Especially after seeing the other offers I can get elsewhere.

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