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I never could get the hang of mornings

Or maybe .... I went to Picocon and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"? ;)

Anyway, against all sense, I got up at an unfeasible time of day (for a weekend) and headed in to London for Picocon, which is the Imperial College SF soc's convention. I've not had much experience of conventions. There were the ill-fated and overly ambitious attempts GameSoc (and to some extent IFIS) did a few years back. So I was entirely sure what to expect from this one.

I've long since lost track of the time at which I first became aware of Picocons. A mutual friend of inquis was on the organisational committee...or maybe just the ICSF committee (again I forget)...and kept pestering me to come along. I did eventually manage to get myself organised enough to go once previously. But I arrived fairly late in the afternoon, by which stage nothing much was happening, I got bored and headed home again. Our friend was also by that stage no longer actively involved, but I did manage to bump into her in the bar, so it wasn't entirely wasted.

So this was my first actually attempt to go properly. And I thoughly enjoyed myself. I managed to avoid spending anything on the second hand book stalls. Mostly I spent my time listening to the 3 honoured guests talk about all manner of things, sometimes even related to the question(s) they were answering. There was stuff drowned in liquid nitrogen and smashed in aid of charity. Plus as mentioned earlier in the entry, I got a t-shirt too, although how lousy it is, if at all, will be determined later when I get a chance to try it on I guess.

I bailed early so I could make it back for Dark Ages. Not entirely sure why I bothered as very people had, so the game was deathly quiet and nothing much was happening. The highlight seemed to be me being the only person to have bothered to read the general rumour we'd all been given and thus when I mentioned it, it got people talking about it. I guess in some ways I was the general rumour monger, spreading it around? *shrug*

Rather unsurprisingly, I'm absolutely knackered. Hopefully I can get plenty of sleep tonight and be able to stagger alone to hit people with lumps of metal tomorrow.

Tags: dark ages, geekery, rpg
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