maddy (themadone) wrote,

Being single, I was left with little choice but to spend the night at home doing things alone, with myself.

This included watching Hero (Yay! Everyone dies!), eating curry and coding. I've mostly finished the Web 2.0 changes I mentioned previously. Members can now upload new content or create folders under the Multimedia section. Obviously to prevent dubious content that we really wouldn't want on the site being put up, everything is moderated.

I also experimented with some OCR software to see if it'd cope with the RWAV issue that noseynick had discovered earlier in the week and scanned for me to play with. Pretty poor results unfortunately - I suspect it can't cope with the very non-proportional font. Still, I might take what it did manage and see how much effort it'd be to fix all the errors. But I need to find a more reliable means to turn printed word into good old ASCII as there's at least 20 more copies that need digitising.

Tags: geekery
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