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Well I've finally got around to seeing Children of Men and I have to say I thought it was quite good. Obviously portraying a very bleak vision of the future, but all perfectly believable given the current climate. Well except for the infertility aspect that is central to the plot of the film. But that's one of those things you won't see happening until it's happened.

Quiet turn out - I guess it wasn't to everyone's liking. The social afterwards was even quieter which doesn't bode well for the society. Hopefully it's just people have lots of essasys or something. On the plus side, I finally got the chance to buy the_grim_squeak the birthday drink I promised him.

Got to bed far too late cos I had some ideas for adding some Web 2.0 features to the IFIS website. Most notably (and it's not finished yet) the ability for members to add new media content (either as uploads or links) to it. Adding/updating member photos is all working though.


What I can't figure out is why LJ didn't like your html?

Me, neither. *boggles*

I'll try editing it again and see if it'll accept it this time.

Doh! Spotted it - I was missing off the closing " in the link.