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Hmmm...Most of my recent posts have been bitchy whiney rants, I've not actually said what I've been up to recently. Not entirely sure if thats important - after all this is a journal and journals should probably contain thoughts rather than deeds. It'd be a very dull journal if all I ever wrote was "I went to the zoo today - it was fun". Especially as I'd be lying - I don't like zoos at all.

So anyway, what have I been up to recently? Sod all. Probably a good excuse not to say what i've been up to, I guess. My so called project manager has actually started doing some work and managing projects. Except all he's done is take me off the highly top secret project which I was finding was actually interesting and fun and um...thrown it in the trashcan. I'll probably prod my boss to see what he thinks, cos it's a damn useful project.

Tina, the team assistant, put up a new door sign and replaced our job titles with nicknames. I got "messy desk engineer" *beam*.

This weekend I'm not doing much either. Tonight (Friday) will be the usual sitting in front of the telly sort of thing. Tomorrow I will no doubt go shopping, closely followed by the Runnymede vampire game. I'm looking forward to that as I'm sure that Richard and co will screw over my character some more. Sunday I'm visiting my parents as they need my strong manly body to do some house hold chores that neither of them can manage. Hopefully next week is better.