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Two things I forgot to mention in my earlier posts.

1) Surprisingly, I don't ache at all. Anywhere. Result!

2) I took the afternoon off yesterday so I could go to Laser Quest and since GameSoc runs a "classics" boardgame session in the afternoon, I figured I'd go along to that too. What is more pertinent about that though, is that it's held in the remains of Athlone ... in what used to be Boog to be precise.

It's been a good few years (decades?) since I was last in the Boog, so I was surprised that it hasn't changed that much. They've turned the bar area into a sandwich selling place and they've done a bit of redecorating, but beyond that, it's hardly any different.

Well, except for the gaping lack of building on the other side of the reception :)

I've no idea if they still sell burgers that were crunchy on the outside and raw on the inside. Or what the hot food was like in general. I spotted cake on the sandwich place and my stomach vetoed any decision that didn't involve cake.

But all in all, it's very wierd going back into that building with the vast majority of it gone. I wonder what it'll be like to go into the replacement Williamson. I also wonder what the chances are they'll call the right one, Williamson - they are building it's replacement on the very same spot pretty much.


I'd doubt it too, cos Times Square was the other side of reception ;)