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Hmmm...I was very overwhelmed by the huge amount of response I got regarding the Harry Potter logo I made. I know I'm not as awesome at art as majic13 but I'd not expected total silence on it. Anyway, I've tweaked it some to make it blend in to the white page more. Not sure if it's any better though. *prods folk to go look and offer opinion! :)

ION Not much happening. GameSoc was different in that I actually won some games. I do worry somewhat that I only won cos they were my games I'd brought though. But with card games it's often luck as to which cards you get.

I also got my first ever cheque from Amazon Canada. Which is a bit of a shock as I expected it to be a slower earner than Amazon US.



well when we move to canada, I expect we'll be putting them on our wish lists, so ppl get local delivery. maybe next christmas-february you'll get some more from the kids birthdays

Oh yeah. I'd not thought of that. I don't know if they have the same range of stock as the UK or US store though. I guess you'll find out soon enough.

Thank you. I wasn't expecting expert opinions, just normal ones from normal people.

I must admit, it hadn't occurred to me what the wand was doing. I guess I need to give my subconcious a stern telling off. Although I would have probably done the same layout for the other two characters...if they weren't so goddamn off putting ;)

I think the background is a bit too busy for the text, the text kinda gets a bit lost....

Yeah, I'm not happy with the text either. I'm going to enlarge it by at least 50% and have a another go at making it 3d. I'm sure there's a suitable doodah in gimp to do it.