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Somehow I managed to resist temptation to stay up late and went to bed at a fairly reasonable time. This not only resulted in me getting some sleep, but I also got a double bill of dreams. Or at least I don't believe they were related, but I guess it might have been one dream. And wierdly, I got to see some parts of them several times.

The first dream seemed to be about me getting somewhere on foot. I kept walking from the same place to this mysterious destination, each time taking a different route. At one point the route (which I think was the shortest) took me through a pub. A very very thin pub. I came in through the back door and had to clamber over the bar to get out. Surprisingly, the staff and patrons had no problems with this and even helped me.

The second cast me as a robber of some kind. Me and 2 comrades were raiding a store. Whilst we were holed up in the backroom gathering shinies, a small army of well armed cops turned up and didn't hang around for long before opening fire. Somehow we managed to either scare them off or dispatch them all, cos we managed to escape quite easily. Our method of escape was by train.

Once on the train I realised I hadn't got a ticket. Somehow my companions had managed to already get theirs though. We didn't seem to be in any kind of danger up until the point where the train accidently went down the wrong stretch of track. But even then it didn't seem to be an issue. I don't know if I was destined to get caught or escape as I woke up.


Work has been trying it's hardest to make me fall asleep. They've got me looking at the M$ website and it's draining all the life out of me ;(

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