maddy (themadone) wrote,

Well that was a very mixed weekend. Friday I spent most of the night playing Second Life and got to bed very very late. The dirigible is coming along nicely though. The front is half is plate glass, so you can see the world around - I'm tempted to turn the floor into the same so you can see the ground below too. It's got two doors that open out into platforms so you can get onboard.

I really should start taking pictures or something. Then when I lose one, I can ask people if they've seen it. And, yes I lost another one and this time couldn't find it. I suspect it got deleted in a server reboot - good thing it doesn't cost me anything to make :)

Despite getting to bed very late, I managed to wake up at a reasonable enough time to drag myself down to the station to meet up with folk for the highly dangerous IFIS trip to Namco. I won't recount the horror of all the violence and death that occurred as even now it still haunts my dreams. Those of us that survived to the end did manage to escape with a poker set and a desktop dart board.

Afterwards myself and the_grim_squeak went to Southwark Requiem. It was OK although mildly ruined by most of the PCs not returning IC to the court when it changed venues. I guess they were busy chasing after what ever had caused the need for us to change venues *shrug*.

When I got back I stayed up stupidly late again. Oops. I decided that I'd be better off recovering rather than getting up in time for fight practice on Sunday. But the day wasn't entirely wasted as I cleared out a load of duplicate stuff from the PVR and watched a bunch of stuff. But more usefully (prehaps?), I did a bit of creative art. It's an alternative logo for the IFIS site - I figured we could do with something a bit fantasy related. So I came up with this - what do people think? Yes, I know it's unfortunately Harry Potter - but it was the first thing that sprung to mind. Extra points (deducted?) to whoever can work out which film it's from too ;)

Tags: update
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