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Spent the rest of yesterday trying to build stuff in Second Life. I had a go at trying to build something that resembled a working piston. Whilst it looks OK when stationary, as soon as it moves it goes all jerky *sulk*. I suspect I'm doing something wrong in the way I'm animating it. Or maybe it's just not possible to animate things like that.

So eventually I gave up and had a play with my dirigible. Oh how I laughed when I accidently fell out of it and couldn't find it for half an hour. Stupid thing floated off and was bouncing around the landscape. Luckily I was getting notices whenever it failed to go into an area it wasn't allowed in to. Although what confuses me, is how it managed to drift off anyway, when I only appeared to be able to move up and down or turn left and right.

Whilst I fully realise it's utterly pointless, I'm tempted to hire it out like a taxi. It'd be a good way to meet folk and earn some much needed cash.


If that were even possible, I'd so get my butt spanked by the Admin and never allowed on ever again.


new login. it would be so worth it. it would be infamous.

There's still the matter that it's impossible. Buildings don't have a damage rating...not unless the owner has coded it in. The worst I could do is be annoying and flood the area with an "explosion" effect. And that's just lame.

Hmmm...I should go and find the spacestation. I've not seen it yet :)