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Well as expected I'm fat bloater of the week. I've no-one to blame but myself as I gave up totally on the diet and ate normal food. The problem is, is that when I reach my ideal weight - how can I go back to a normal diet if I just put the weight back on? The thought of spending eternity suffering just to be a more socially acceptable weight is crazy - especially as the whole reason I need to lose weight is cos I need to remove as many of the unattractive features of me as possible. Except being unhappy cos I'm not eating properly is surely just as bad as being unhappy cos I'm overweight. If only being single forever was a viable option.


I hate to tell you this but skinny people (women anyway) tend not to eat "normally". The trick is to work out how you want to eat and then adapt it to be less fattening. For instance, I am a total snacks addict, chocolate, biscuits, crisps etc, so I try to find snacks that are less calorific like fruit and ricecakes, and I eat small meals to balance out the snacking. Other people find that they're not too bothered about one particular meal and so can replace it by juice or soup. Or there's one I heard about where you eat as many meals as possible naked in front of a mirror! And of course there's that nasty evil thing called EXERCISE, ugh!
Just out of interest, do all women know this stuff?

Argh! This is too confusing! I can't see myself keeping this weight off at this rate. I'm beginning to wonder if women aren't worth all this hassle after all.