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I gave up trying to read my book at work because it was getting too dark, so I headed home and (luckily) failed to burn it down with candles. Did manage to splash wax about a fair bit and I have a slight blister on my finger too. Tea lights become lethal with their hot metal and molten wax.

The pub was pretty damn quiet. It was mostly our lot all night. I figure most people were too worried about the weather or thought it was shut. I, for example, rely on the sign being lit to tell if it's open or not. They should have put up a sign indicating that they were actually open.

izzy_stradlin has finally sort of moved in enough to be able to sleep there.



I also nearly had a disaster with a candle and a phone book, whilst trying to find a taxi company. Which is rather silly as I have a small secure lantern designed to put those tea lights in, but I was being foolish and using a larger (admittedly brighter) candle.

Do you need help shifting stuff over? We do have a functional car at last!!! I am not sure I want to go out into the cold, depending on how I feel tommorrow. Regardless, R could do a run or two. Guess its not anything large to shift, just a lot to do if its being hand-carried. I also am thinking of freecyling stuff that is getting in the way of more major DIY eg a large IKEA bookcase that you are welcome to keep, and a sofa that I might ask for back one year but then again might not.

We definitely don't need any more bookcases. I've got 4 that I'll be wanting to get rid of at some point if I ever get off my butt and replace them with custom made shelving :)