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There's a new type of Muller Light out. Rather than being yogurt with fruity bits mixed in, they've taken the mixing part out of the process and left the fruity stuff at the bottom and plain yogurt on top.

I've had a moderately interesting few days. The pub was very quiet on Thursday. VERY quiet. At least for our little tribe. Ended up going home early cos it was so quiet. Did some shopping and got some shiny things. Went to the London game. The journey there and back was doubley fun as not only was there engineering works around Barnes/Clapham, the Northern line is being done too. Amazingly I managed to get home. On Sunday my mum took me out to lunch.

I'm starting to wonder if my housemates are imaginary or not. I've got 2 of them (one going - one coming) and I never see either of them. I just see signs of them going or coming...mostly the latter admittedly - need to kick the former up the bum to do more going I think.

There's other stuff too that I don't want to talk about as I've learnt from last time that it'll only cause a massive shitstorm and it should be far easier to sort things out behind the scenes without a fuss.

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